TP-Link AC750 Wifi Range Extender Review | Up to 750Mbps | Dual Band WiFi Extender, Repeater, Wifi Signal Booster, Access Point| Easy Set-Up | Extends Wifi to Smart Home & Alexa Devices (RE200)

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TP-Link AC750 Wifi Range Extender Review is very necessary as without this , many times we get the weak signal in other parts of our house. As we move from the main router , after 20/25 meters of range we start to get very poor signal specially in 2/3/4 storey biulding office or residence. Here it comes the Wifi extender.

About this item ( TP-Link AC750 Wifi Range Extender )

  • Boosts wireless signal to previously unreachable or hard-to-wire areas flawlessly
  • Compatible with 802.11 b/g/n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi devices
  • Dual band speeds up to 750Mbps
  • Miniature size and wall-mounted design make it easy to deploy and move flexibly
  • Ethernet port allows the Extender to function as a wireless adapter to connect wired devices
  • Worry-free customer support —— For other installation related query, compatibility issue or any other queries call on toll free no 1800 2094 168 or write us at

TP-Link AC750 Wifi Range Extender :

Reviews by user :

Easy to install :

You can just plug it into any wall socket and follow the steps from their app that’s shown on the instructions packet. They also give a CD to install drivers for computers that don’t automatically download it. Alternately if you don’t have a CD drive, website link to download drivers doesn’t work, in which case you’re stuck. Otherwise the setup is fairly straightforward and the link range works around wall corners. I have a 150mbps broadband which comes to 100mbps with the extender.

A Dual-Band Router with Performance Quirks & Heating IssueReviewed in India

I recently installed TP-Link AC750 in my home network to improve Wi-Fi connectivity , and while it has some strengths, there are a few drawbacks that need to be considered.

Download Speed: ⚡⚡ (2/5)

On the 2.5GHz band, the TP-Link AC750 showed a modest 22% increase(59mbps–>72mbps) in download speed compared to my previous router, which is a noticeable but not game-changing improvement. However, the 5GHz band didn’t perform as well, experiencing a significant 63%(365mbps–>136mbps) decrease in download speed, which can be noticeable when streaming high-definition content or downloading large files.

Upload Speed: ⚡ (1/5)

Both the 2.5GHz and 5GHz bands exhibited a disappointing decrease in upload speed. On the 2.5GHz band, there was a 32% reduction(From 62mbps->42mbps) in upload speed, and on the 5GHz band, the decrease was a substantial 55%(336mbps->150mbps). This reduction in upload speed can be problematic for tasks like uploading photos or documents, making it less than ideal for users who require fast uploads.

Ping and Latency: ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ (5/5)

On a positive note, the router performed exceptionally well in terms of ping and latency on both bands, with an average ping of just 5ms and low latency. This makes online gaming and video conferencing a seamless experience.

Heat Management: 🔥🔥 (2/5)

One noticeable drawback of the TP-Link AC750 is that it tends to get quite hot during operation. While it doesn’t seem to affect its performance directly, the heat buildup may raise concerns about long-term reliability and potential overheating issues. It’s advisable to ensure the router has proper ventilation to mitigate this.

Conclusion : You can buy it and can enjoy the wifi in every corner of the house. So it’s sure buy product.

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