Story of Deep Diamond India Share (₹1 lakh turns to ₹2.4 crores in three years)

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Story of Deep Diamond India Share is so fascinating that you will regret why you don’t have that share with you.

But After the analysis , you will not regret and will tell yourself that you are the happiest person not to have deep diamond India Share.

BSE listed Deep Diamond India shares are one of the multibagger stocks that Dalal Street has produced in last one year. The small-cap stock with a market cap of ₹118 crore has delivered almost multibagger return in year-to-date (YTD) time. However, for long term investor, recent stock split in 1:10 ratio was like icing on the cake as their shareholding surged 10 times in the stock. Now, Re 1 appreciation in the scrip is ₹10 ascendance in absolute investment of the stock split beneficiary investors.

The multibagger stock is among circuit to circuit stocks on BSE as well. This stock has been hitting upper circuit since 19th January 2023. This means, the multibagger stock has been hitting upper circuit for last 12 sessions. 

Deep Diamond India share price history 

Surprisingly ,Deep Diamond India shares have delivered more than 75 per cent return to its shareholders in last one month as it has risen from around ₹13.75 to ₹24.60 apiece levels in this time. in YTD time, it has risen to the tune of 96 per cent whereas in last six months, it has delivered near 375 per cent return to its investors. In last one year, this small-cap stock has turned to a multibagger penny stock as it went up from ₹1.27 to ₹24.60 per share levels. However, the penny stock was around Re 1 apiece at the end of 2019. so, the penny stock has become a multibagger in last three years.

However, there is one more twist in Deep Diamond India share price history. On 20th January 2023, this small-cap BSE listed stock traded ex-split in 1:10 ratio that means one stock of the scrip was sub-divided into 10 shares. This means, a shareholders single stock has now become 10 stocks. 

₹1 lakh turns to ₹2.4 crore in three years ( Like dream of becoming crorepati is fulfilled )

As the stock was priced Re 1 around three years ago at the end of 2019. Deep Diamond India share price today is ₹24.60 apiece. If an investor had invested ₹1 lakh in this scrip three years ago at the end of December 2019, one would have got one lakh company shares. After 1:10 stock split, this would have become 10 lakh company shares. Deep Diamond share price today is ₹24.60 per share, which means one ₹1 lakh would have turned to ₹2.46 crore today, provided the investor had remained invested in the scrip throughout this period.

The BSE listed multibagger penny stock ended on Friday with trade volume of 20,24,559 and market cap of ₹118 crore. The stock is trading at its life-time high, which is 52-week high as well. Its 52-week low is ₹1.10 apiece. The stock is currently available at a PE multiple of 82 while the average sector PE is 93.60.

The Red Flag :

Promoter share holding is 0.08 %.

FII and DII , absent from this stock.

The growth Chart is so unusual that hardly anyone believe that , this kind of growth can’t be expected in a normal condition.

Below is the analysis in Youtube.

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