Play Game on your Device, OnePlus 45W with Liquid Cooler Works To Stop Devices From Overheating

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The OnePlus 11 Concept smartphone wasn’t the only ‘cool’ device OnePlus announced at MWC 2023; it also unveiled a phone accessory called the OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler, designed to prevent devices from getting too hot. OnePlus is not new to making cooling accessories for its smartphones. It already has a cooling fan accessory, the OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler, that is sold in China and India.

The OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler is made up of two pieces that are linked together by a cable. One part is designed like a clamp and attaches to the back of a phone while the other half is a much larger device that can best be likened to a miniaturized desktop PC. Featuring a black and white casing with perforations on the side, this other half of the device holds most of the components including a cooling fan. As seen in photos of the device taken by Stuff, the back of the device is home to a USB-C input port and a bunch of LEDs next to markings for different power ratings.

The OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler is described as a semiconductor-based thermoelectric cooler. To use it, simply plug the device into a power source. From the name, it appears the maximum supported power input is 45W, so a OnePlus charger with a power rating of 45W or higher should work. Once the clamp is attached to a smartphone, which also has a built-in pump, it pushes the cooling liquid through pipes that run through the cable that connects it to the clamp and thus cools the device.

It takes seconds for the device to begin cooling the smartphone, as reported by Android Authority, and according to OnePlus the OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler can reduce a smartphone’s temperature by up to 20 ° C. That’s significantly better than the 2.1 ° C temperature reduction the OnePlus 11 Concept’s liquid cooling provides. The device has a button at the top that users can press to switch between different cooling strengths. It also has an automatic safe mode it can switch to avoid damage.

The OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler will be useful during long gaming sessions as it can effectively keep the CPU cool and prevent throttling. Also, while it is designed for OnePlus smartphones, it should be able to work with several other smartphones. However, due to its size, users will have to be rooted to a spot. Furthermore, owners also have to connect another cable to their smartphone to charge it as the cooling device isn’t capable of charging. OnePlus is yet to reveal a launch date for the device as well as availability details, but it intends to bring it to markets.

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