Akshaya Tritiya 2024: Jewellery, coin or ring? Here is what you should buy as per your Zodiac sign

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Akshaya Tritiya (2024) or Akha Teej, commonly known as Akshaya Tritiya, is held on May 10, 2024, and there is growing excitement for this significant national holiday. Well-known for its role in starting new lives, marriages, businesses, and other fortunate endeavours, it is deeply revered by many. Traditionally, people purchase new jewellery, gold, silver, and other necessities on this holy day in an effort to bring in wealth, success, happiness, and good fortune.

Let’s examine what each sign should think about buying on this lucky day in accordance with their astrological effects. Let’s dive into each sign:


Because Mars is their sign’s ruler, it is recommended that Aries people have a gold chain or other gold jewellery. It is said that by doing this, they will draw wealth and pleasure into their life.


Those born under the sign of Venus are advised to obtain a silver coin and maintain it with their money. It is thought that making this gesture will bring prosperity and financial stability.


Under Mercury’s wing, those born under this sign are advised to get a tortoise ring, preferably made of gold or silver. It is thought that this purchase will improve their total wealth and financial prospects.


Since the moon is the sign that rules them, it is recommended that Cancerians treat themselves to a diamond ring or pair of earrings. It is believed that making this decision would make you feel pleased and happy.


Since the Sun rules Leos, it is advised that they acquire a gold locket with Lord Ganesha on it. It is thought that this purchase will remove barriers and direct them towards efficient problem-solving.


Under the sign of Mercury, Virgos can brighten their day by getting an Emerald ring. It is suggested that they wear it after cleaning it with gangajal and milk, which may bring good luck.


Libras are recommended to purchase pearl jewellery during the Akshaya Tritiya celebration, as Venus is their governing planet. They are reported to feel at ease and at peace with themselves as a result of this choice.

Scorpio: When Mars is in your sign, you should buy an earthen pot and any kind of silver jewellery, such bracelets or lockets. It is said that making this gesture will bring wealth and stability into their lives.


Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Those born under this sign are advised to obtain a gold “OM” symbol, which stands for wealth and success.


Capricorns are advised to bring a Tulsi plant home and worship it every day. Capricorns are ruled by Saturn. It is said that this activity satisfies their goals and objectives.


Under Saturn’s influence, Aquarians are recommended to buy a Silver Lota and fill it with unbroken rice, or Akshat. It is said that keeping it in their puja ghar, or prayer chamber, will bring blessings and wealth.


Under Jupiter’s sway, Pisceans should get a book on Vishnu Sahasranama and make a commitment to study it every year to maybe call upon angelic support and blessings.

People all throughout the country are excitedly getting ready to start over and welcome wealth and joy into their life by following these customs that correspond with their zodiac signs as Akshaya Tritiya draws near.

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