A Romanian-born mathematician who discovered the system, won 14 times, and retired on a distant tropical island shared his tips on how to win the Powerball lottery

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It’s great dream of all to know the way , how to win the powerball lottery ?

Image Credit: There’s a science behind hacking the lottery. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images© Provided by Business Insider

-Given that the Powerball jackpot has increased to a $750 million payment, you might be interested in learning how to win the lotto.
-Australian-Romanian economist Stefan Mandel created a method that has helped him win the lotto 14 times.
-The system hacking procedure consists of six steps.

According to Stefan Mandel, an economist who is Romanian-Australian and has won the lotto 14 times, such chances don’t seem to apply to him, The Hustle said in a feature piece about the mathematician.

His home Romania hosted Mandel’s first two victories, which he used to try to raise enough cash to emigrate with his family from the then-communist nation. His monthly pay was only $88.

The odds of being hit by lightning are four times higher than those of winning the lottery.

Before moving in Australia, where he won the lotto an additional 12 times, he relocated to Israel.

According to Powerball, the Powerball jackpot increased to an estimated $750 million on Wednesday, making it the sixth-largest payout in the history of the game.

Many lottery winners lose everything, either by gambling it away, buying expensive homes and Porsches, or by losing it altogether. Lottery winners should put together a “financial triad” to assist them prepare for their financial future in order to avoid that, according to Robert Pagliarini, a licenced financial planner, who previously told Business Insider.

Pagliarini said, “This includes a lawyer, a tax expert, and a financial adviser. “This financial dream team can assist you in making wise financial decisions and in long-term planning. They can also assist in protecting you from the press and the barrage of money requests from others.

According to Pagliarini, maintaining composure and concentrating on the long term with practical financial preparation is the key to dealing with an unexpected windfall like winning the lotto.

Mandel currently leads a tranquil life in Vanuatu, an island nation in the South Pacific noted for its volcanoes and waterfalls.

Mandel’s plan was authorised at the time, but current US and Australian rules make it illegal. Two essential components of Mandel’s formula—buying lottery tickets in bulk and printing your own tickets—are no longer available.

Here are the six steps Mandel used to successfully win big in the lottery:

  1. Determine the total number of combinations that are possible. (For a lottery where you have to choose six numbers between 1 and 40, there are 3,838,380 possible possibilities.)
  2. Look for lotteries with jackpots that are three times higher than the total number of  available combinations.
  3. Raise enough money to cover the cost of each combination. Mandel gathered 2,524 investors to support his effort to win the Virginia lottery.
  4. Create many tickets with every combination. (This was formerly permitted. You would now need to purchase the tickets directly from the retailer.)
  5. Send the tickets to the designated lottery retailers.
  6. Win the money. Additionally, remember to pay your investors. Mandel earned $97,000 following a $1.3 million victory in 1987.

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