7 Tips for first time kitten owners

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Are you interested to have a cat in your home for the first time? How interesting! Definately you will required to know tips for first time kitten owners. There’s nothing like little meows from a fluffy kitty or the gentle purr of a new feline friend. We are sure you’re absorbing all the adorbs you can deal with. But, if you are new to cat ownership, you may surprise how you could first-class take care of your kitty.

Let’s explore the artwork of being concerned for a brand new kitten or cat with 7 easy cat care pointers for novices.

Cat Care Step 1: Building a small home for cat

For the first time start collecting the materials below as a first step.

Above mention items are for cats only , do check them and decide by yourself.

Cat Care Step 2: Cat Wellness/health Examination

The next step is to set your kitty up with a health appointment. It is always better to appoint a well-experienced vet expert for the health examination of your pet at regular intervals.

This preliminary meeting with your veterinarian will decide a baseline of fitness for your cat. From there, we are able to begin them on vaccination and parasite prevention care. For young kittens, you can come back and return in a few weeks for booster shots. 

Your vet expert will advise the proper weight-reduction plan for your new little one, as well as educate you on dental care and other matters you may do at domestic. Some regions of challenge are whether your puppy has been added with gadget , so that in case of loss , you can track the pets.

Cat Care Step three: Pet needs toddler-like attention

You have to consider your cat as a toddler in your house and you have to take care below mentioned lines.

  • Secure all home windows and doors, which includes fixing loose monitors.
  • Sweep floors and dispose of something that is probably attractive on your cat, but might be a no-no, which includes small gadgets that can be ingested.
  • Make certain medications are stored in secure bottles and stowed in the medicine cupboard.
  • Look at the listing of plants which are poisonous for cats and make sure none of them are inside the home – specifically lilies of any range.
  • Limit using noxious chemicals, consisting of cleansing merchandise and rest room bowl cleaners, and save them competently.

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Cat Care Step 4: Strict time schedule for pet feeding

It is always advisable to maintain a healthy diet as per vet experts and even they also recommend a diet via which the weight of the pet remains as per the requirement of guidelines. So make a daily time on which you should feed your cat.

Encourage your kitty to live hydrated by changing the water bowls day by day or the use of a water fountain sort of bowl, considering that cats adore running water.

Treats are notable however use them sparingly in lieu of lots of interest and pets. 

Cat Care Step five: The Litterbox

Cats may be very precise approximately their litterboxes. You’ll want to be acquainted with a few of the maximum commonplace litterbox demanding situations and a way to cope with them. And get familiar with a way to deal with cat pee injuries. 

Cat Care Step 6: Playing and Exercise

As cat remains most of the time inside the home, they need to be playing with someone so that they don’t get bored and become lazy, sleeping all the time. So in order to make them full of energy, the owner has to make arrangements. This consists of:

  • A cat tree or matters to climb on
  • Window perch (cats love to appearance out the window, and including a bird feeder is a first rate idea)
  • Toys, together with people who require interplay from you, like a laser pointer, for introduced bonding time collectively
  • Time spent brushing your cat
  • If you need to get formidable, catios, or out of doors spaces for cats, are exquisite approaches to offer your pet a few clean air whilst maintaining them secure.

It is observed that if a cat don’t get engaged in physical activity , chances are high that the cat will gain weight and it will be big problem for the cat’s long life. So playing and exercise for the cat is must.

Cat Care Step 7: Cat not following you

This kind of problem we can say that is kind of behavioral problem. This kind of problem can be seen when you introduce a new cat in your home. Sometimes your cat will show shyness problems which prevents her from interacting with other. So make sure that your cat becomes socialize as soon as possible. So if you can manage those,that’s ok otherwise consult a vet expert.

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