1000pip Builder Review:⚠️ Must Read Review Before Sign Up!

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1000pip Builder Review
1000pip Builder Review

1000pip Builder Review:⚠️ Must Read Review Before Sign Up!

1000pip Builder Review:

1000pip Builder is a forex trading signal service founded by Bob James, a professional forex trader with over 10 years of experience. The service provides daily buy and sell signals on major currency pairs, allowing members to follow the trades taken on Bob’s own trading account.

All levels of traders can increase their profitability and competence in forex trading with the aid of 1000pip Builder. It is a useful tool for novices to discover how a professional trader evaluates the markets. It offers top-notch trade suggestions to seasoned traders to support their own research.

1000pip Builder Review - What is it

This thorough analysis will give readers a close-up perspective of 1000pip Builder. It will examine the features, pricing, trading tactics, performance metrics, and overall value provided by this signal service. By the time you’re done, you ought to know exactly what 1000pip Builder is and if it meets your demands as a forex trader.

Understanding Forex Signals: A Beginner’s Guide

A trade signal service such as 1000pip Builder can be quite beneficial for beginners to expedite their learning process when it comes to forex trading. However, what are forex signals really, and how do they operate?

In essence, forex signals are trading suggestions produced by experienced traders following a thorough analysis of the markets. They notify members of details such as entry price, stop loss, and take profit when they spot a possible trading opportunity.

Every time a new signal is released, you, as a member of the signal service, get alerts via text and email. After that, if you’d like, you can sign into your own trading account and duplicate the signal.

The primary advantage of using signals is that you may avoid performing your own market analysis. All the legwork is done by an expert analyst who condenses the information into straightforward buy/sell alerts. This mitigates the significant learning curve that comes with forex trading for novices.

Following instructions does not, however, imply ceding control of the account. You maintain complete autonomy and still carry out the trades yourself. It is not the trader sending signals who is making choices for you.

For seasoned traders, signals might offer extra trading suggestions to enhance your own research. While trading signals by themselves is not recommended, integrating them with your own approach can improve results.

How Does 1000pip Builder Work?

1000pip Builder provides multiple daily forex trading signals across various currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, EUR/JPY etc.

The signals aim to capture short-term price movements and last from a few hours to a couple days. Stop losses are always used to control downside risk.

Here is a step-by-step overview of how 1000pip Builder’s trade signal service works:

  1. Market Analysis: Bob analyzes the markets using technical and fundamental indicators to identify high-probability trading opportunities.
  2. Signal Generation: When Bob takes a new trade on his own account, a signal is generated and sent to members via email and text message.
  3. Trade Details: The signals contain detailed information including entry price, stop loss, take profit, entry time, and currency pair.
  4. Execution: Members can then log into their own trading account, review the signal, and execute the trade if desired.
  5. Position Monitoring: Bob monitors all open positions closely and sends status updates via email when a trade hits its profit target or is stopped out.
  6. Repeat: The process repeats every trading day with new signals sent whenever trading opportunities arise. Members do not need to monitor charts all day.

The key advantage is that 1000pip Builder handles all the complexity of analyzing charts and finding trades. Members at any skill level can just follow the signals and avoid doing the heavy lifting themselves.

Analyzing the Performance of 1000pip Builder

1000pip Builder Review - Performance

It’s all well and good for a signal provider to boast of excellent performance. But are the claims legitimate?

The transparency and track record of a signal service should be scrutinized before signing up. This is why 1000pip Builder has their trading performance independently verified by MyFXBook.

MyFXBook is a trusted third-party verification service used across the forex industry. Linking an account grants them read-only access to trading statements. They then display an unaltered record of all account activity, trades, and performance metrics like net profit, win rate, risk metrics, etc.

The public MyFXBook page shows 1000pip Builder has generated over 350 pips of profit per month over the past 6 months. The gain amounts to +2,172 pips total across 170+ trades. They have an impressive 63% win rate and respectable 1:1.4 risk/reward ratio.

These transparent and verifiable results confirm 1000pip Builder has a proven track record of consistency. Members can sign up knowing the performance marketing matches real audited trading statements.

1000pip Builder Review, 1000pip Builder Reviews

The Significance of MyFXBook Verification

Some readers may wonder why MyFXBook verification matters so much in evaluating a signal service. Here’s a brief primer on why unchecked marketing claims should always be taken with skepticism:

  • Doctored statements – It’s easy to mock up fake account statements showing phantom profits using any number of online tools. MyFXBook integration guarantees statements are real.
  • Cherry-picked results – Signal providers can selectively share only their winning periods while hiding losses and downswings. MyFXBook shows the entire performance record warts and all.
  • Lack of proof – Talk is cheap. Anyone can claim to have a winning system without proof. MyFXBook statements validate performance claims.
  • Transparency – Verified statements let clients review the trading history, including details on every trade. Faked marketing statistics tend to be vague.
  • Independent confirmation – As a neutral third-party, MyFXBook provides credible confirmation of returns. Unverified marketing claims have no legitimacy.

In summary, MyFXBook integration and verification is the only way traders can be certain of a signal provider’s track record. 1000pip Builder clearly understands this, evidenced by their choice to have accounts tracked and audited via MyFXBook.

The Trading Strategies of 1000pip Builder Explained

Now that we’ve assessed the performance credentials, let’s take a look under the hood at the trading strategies powering 1000pip Builder’s system:

Trend Capture Strategy

The goal of this technique is to spot and capitalize on strong forex market trends. Bob employs technical analysis to identify trends’ potential pause and reversal points at levels of support and resistance. Signals for trade entrance are produced when prices exit range-bound or consolidation areas.

The underlying trend is defined by the trend capture approach using higher time frame charts, such as 4H and daily. The entry and leave points are then timed using shorter time intervals, such as 15 minutes and one hour. Stop losses are positioned above resistance on sale trades and below support on purchase trades.

Range Trap Strategy

Markets only trend, on average, thirty percent of the time. They travel in ranges sideways the remainder of the time. The range trap buys at range support and sells at range resistance. This makes it possible to profit from brief fluctuations in markets that are not trending.

Bob keeps an eye on range-bound pairs’ critical support and resistance levels. Traders typically take profits when the price reaches the extremes of the range. This weariness causes bounces that can be caught for fast deals. In the event that support or resistance breaks, strict stop losses are employed.

Momentum Rider Strategy

Profits can be made quickly by riding the current momentum in the short-term direction of rapidly moving markets. This trading technique enters on breakouts and trend continuations driven by economic data releases, news events, or changes in investor sentiment.

The momentum rider method combines a combination of strong technical and fundamental signals to time entries. These include confirmation of news catalysts driving the momentum, breakouts from critical levels, and momentum oscillators such as the MACD and RSI hitting overbought/oversold levels.

Stops are positioned above short-term swing highs on sells and below short-term swing lows on buys. Scaling out profit targets occurs at psychologically meaningful intervals. The technique is to optimize the capturing of market short-term, high-velocity swings.

The Four Pillars of 1000pip Builder’s Service

Now that we’ve covered the trading strategies powering the system, let’s discuss the key features comprising 1000pip Builder’s overall service offering:

Signal Delivery – Signals are sent via email and SMS text message for timely delivery. Members can receive signals on desktop or phone without having to sit at screens.

Performance Tracking – All trades taken on Bob’s account are tracked by MyFXBook for transparent auditing. This verifies returns are real, not hypothetical.

Client Support – Bob is directly accessible to members for trading questions and guidance via email. Help is available from a real trader, not just generic customer support bots.

Educational Resources – Bob provides trading tips and market analysis via email for members looking to deepen their knowledge alongside the signals.

The combination of these pillars provides an appealing package for traders. The signals themselves provide trading ideas while the educational guidance helps members refine their own skills over time.

What to Expect: Typical Trade Frequency and Targets

Understanding the typical trading frequency and profit targets is important in setting expectations:

  • Signals per day – Members can expect 1-5 signals on average daily, sent across a variety of currency pairs and timeframes. Weekends and slow markets may see less signals.
  • Holding period – Trades generally last from a few hours to a couple days. The strategy aims for short-term gains, not weeks-long swing trades. Stop losses and profit targets are placed conservatively.
  • Performance target – 1000pip Builder averages around +350 pips of profit per month with a 63% win rate based on MyFXBook statistics. High-probability setups are prioritized over quantity of trades.
  • Risk management – Trades are structured for a modest 1:1.4 risk/reward ratio on average. This strategic balance limits volatility while still capturing solid gains over time.

In summary, members gain access to a stable source of short-term forex trading signals built on a clear and proven strategy. For part-time traders unable to analyze charts all day, signals arrive as and when new opportunities emerge in the markets.

Pros and Cons: An Unbiased Evaluation

No service is perfect, so let’s break down the main pros and cons of 1000pip Builder based on research for this review:


  • Proven and verified performance record since launch
  • Clear and highly detailed trade signals
  • Trading strategy designed for consistency
  • Active trader guidance and support from founder Bob
  • Accessible entry price suitable for small accounts


  • Requires prompt action on signals to maximize profitability
  • Not a passive “set and forget” type of system
  • Email and text alerts prone to occasional delays
  • Lack of a trade copy tool (must manually enter signals)

The pros seem to significantly outweigh the cons given the transparency, performance record, client support, and overall quality of service. The few downsides primarily come down to the active effort required by members to manually follow signals.

Comparing 1000pip Builder with Other Forex Signal Providers

How does 1000pip Builder stack up against competitors in the space? Here is a brief comparison focusing on key factors:

  • Returns – 1000pip Builder averages +350 pips per month. This compares well against competitors showing +50 to +150 monthly.
  • Track record – Trading history since launch is verified on MyFXBook. Many competitors have no performance verification.
  • Transparency – Entry price, stop loss and profit targets given for every signal. Competitors can be vague.
  • Trading strategy – Uses well-defined strategies optimized for different market conditions. Competitors often lack defined strategies.
  • Support – Direct email access to founder Bob for trading questions. Many competitors rely only on generic support bots.
  • Cost – $47 USD per month for annual subscription, among the lowest pricing in the industry.

Based on performance, verification, transparency, and overall service quality, 1000pip Builder appears to be among the top forex signal providers available today.

The Role of Risk Management in Forex Trading

Since following trade signals inherently carries financial risk, I wanted to underscore the importance of risk management in forex trading:

  • Use take profit orders – This locks in gains once a signal hits its profit target. Without a take profit, you run the risk of giving back gains when you’re away from the screen.
  • Use stop loss orders – This sets the maximum loss you’re willing to accept on a trade. Stop losses help limit downside damage on losing positions.
  • Trade small position sizes – Don’t risk more than 1-2% of account equity per trade. This ensures no single loss wipes out your account.
  • Check entry prices – Before entering a signal, confirm the current market price is close to the entry price stated on the signal. Avoid chasing entries.
  • Spread risk across multiple trades – Build positions over time via signals rather than gambling on one or two trades. This diversifies risk.

While 1000pip Builder provides the signals, members must actively manage risk on their accounts. Apply the guidelines above to protect your trading capital.

How to Get Started with 1000pip Builder

For those ready to dive in and start receiving trade signals from 1000pip Builder, here is an overview of the quick and simple process:

  1. Visit the 1000pip Builder sales page and choose your subscription plan (monthly, 6 months, or annual).
  2. Complete checkout with credit card or PayPal to purchase your plan.
  3. Once payment is complete, you’ll receive a welcome email with your account login details.
  4. Download the Telegram app on your mobile phone to receive push notifications when new signals are released.
  5. Fund your brokerage account if you haven’t already done so. You need available trading capital to act on signals.
  6. Start receiving trade alerts from 1000pip Builder the very next trading day! Just follow the signals you wish to copy.

The entire process takes under 10 minutes from purchasing to receiving your first actionable signals. It’s a very quick way to start benefiting from professional level trading analysis.

The Cost of 1000pip Builder: Is It Worth the Investment?

Let’s break down the pricing and subscription options:

  • Monthly plan – $77 billed monthly
  • 6 month plan – $144 billed once every 6 months
  • Annual plan – $228 billed once yearly

Considering members gain access to the trades of a 10+ year trading veteran in Bob, the subscription pricing seems very reasonable. For the cost of a single e-book or trading course, you get Bob’s professional insights and analysis daily.

Compared to competitors, 1000pip Builder is among the most affordable signal services out there in terms of cost per month. Yet their performance metrics match or exceed the best services. This makes their offer extremely attractive from a value perspective.

Verdict: Yes, the pricing is absolutely worth it considering the transparency, results, and quality of service provided by 1000pip Builder. For serious traders, the trading edge gained from pro signals can easily justify the subscription cost many times over through enhanced trading gains.

Understanding the 75% OFF FLASH SALE

When visiting the sales page, you may notice promotions for a 75% off flash sale with discounted subscription pricing.

These time-limited deals provide tremendous value, cutting 75% off normal membership rates. The purpose is to make 1000pip Builder’s elite-level signal service accessible to all types of traders, even those on limited budgets.

I highly recommend taking advantage of any active flash sales or limited-time promotions. Act fast, because such deals generally expire quickly once a limited number of discounted spots are filled.

Navigating the Joining Process: Step-by-Step Guide

While the joining process is simple and quick, let’s walk through it step-by-step:

  1. Visit sales page – Go to the official website. Look for available discounts or flash sale offers.
  2. Choose billing cycle – Select the monthly, 6-month, or annual billing cycle. Annual plans offer maximum savings but require longer commitment.
  3. Enter billing details – Provide your name, billing address, email, and payment method on the checkout form.
  4. Verify email address – Check your email inbox for a message from 1000pip Builder and confirm your email address. This verifies you own the email entered.
  5. Complete checkout – Finalize checkout process by submitting payment. Upon successful payment, you’ll receive a payment receipt via email.
  6. Get login credentials – Within minutes, you’ll receive another email containing your login details to access your 1000pip Builder account.
  7. Set Telegram notifications – Follow provided instructions to connect your Telegram app with 1000pip Builder for mobile alerts.

That covers the basic steps involved in signing up. Within 15 minutes you can complete payment and finish configuring alert notifications to start receiving trade signals.

Receiving and Acting on Signals: A How-To

Once signed up, here is how to act on the trade signals:

  1. Get alert – An email and Telegram notification is sent whenever a new signal is released with trade details.
  2. Log into broker account – Open your preferred trading platform like MT4 or MT5 to execute orders.
  3. Enter order – Use the signal details to manually enter the trade in your own account at the specified entry price.
  4. Set stop loss and take profit – Place stop loss and take profit orders at the levels defined on the signal. This manages risk/return.
  5. Monitor progress – Track the P/L on the trade in your account. Make adjustments only if notified by 1000pip Builder.
  6. Close position – Bob will notify you via email/Telegram when it’s time to close the trade as per his strategy.

Repeat this process for every new signal and you’ll be on your way! It just takes a few minutes to execute each trade.

Customer Support and Expert Guidance: A Closer Look

One of 1000pip Builder’s biggest differentiators is the direct access members get to Bob himself. He is actively engaged answering member questions and providing trading guidance.

Let’s look at some examples of the support and education Bob provides:

  • Technical analysis – Bob sends videos and annotated charts explaining his latest market analysis so members can understand his thinking and strategy.
  • Risk management – He provides tips on optimally setting stop loss and take profit levels based on market conditions.
  • Current positions – Whenever Bob adjusts stop loss or take profit levels on open trades in his own account, members receive alerts so they can mirror the same adjustments.
  • Market outlook – Bob provides regular emails discussing his macro analysis and outlook which helps provide trading context for signals.
  • Q&A forum – He hosts a weekly webinar exclusively for members to answer trading questions and receive guidance directly from him.

This level of trader access and education exceeds the support provided by other signal services which tend to rely on automated bots and canned responses. Bob’s direct availability and commitment to client success provides huge value.

Potential Return on Investment with 1000pip Builder

1000pip Builder Review - Sample winning trades

Hypothetically, how much return can 1000pip Builder offer over time based on average performance stats? Let’s run the numbers:

  • Average pips – 350 pips per month
  • Account size – Let’s assume $5,000 account
  • Position size – 1 micro lot default position size
  • Pip value – $1 per pip
  • = $350 gain/month

Based on these conservative assumptions, we arrive at a $350 per month or $4,200 yearly return on a $5,000 account. That equates to 84% annual return while only risking 1-2% per trade.

Keep in mind these numbers make very reasonable assumptions. Returns can end up being higher for traders with larger accounts and position sizing.

This backtest gives a realistic estimate of returns traders could target over time using 1000pip Builder’s signals with proper risk management. For precise projections, do your own return modeling based on your unique account size, risk tolerance, and position sizing preferences.

The Educational Aspect of 1000pip Builder

While 1000pip Builder’s trade signals deliver value in and of themselves for profits, they also provide an educational benefit for members looking to become independent traders.

Here are some of the key learning outcomes:

  • Pattern recognition – Members learn how Bob identifies high-probability trading patterns on the charts.
  • Market analysis – Following daily market analysis commentary from Bob teaches members how to interpret fundamentals.
  • Discipline – Executing exact entries and exits as per Bob’s strategy ingrains discipline and patience.
  • Risk management – Adhering to stop losses and position sizing on every trade teaches smart risk habits.
  • Psychology – Profitable signal trading develops confidence and conviction for members to eventually branch out with their own strategies.

Think of signals as training wheels providing a temporary edge while you hone your skills with lower risk. Learning from an expert is the fast track to become a successful independent trader.

Common Questions about Forex Signals and 1000pip Builder

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions based on my research:

What are the delivery methods for signals?

1000pip Builder sends signals via email and Telegram push notifications. Email ensures you won’t miss a signal and Telegram provides real-time alerts.

Can I start with a small account size?

Yes absolutely. You can start following signals with an account of just a few hundred dollars if you trade micro lots and manage risk properly.

How much time per day is required?

Around 10-15 minutes to act on any new signals received. You don’t need to watch charts all day or overtrade.

Can I pick and choose which signals to take?

Yes, you can evaluate each signal and ultimately decide if and how you want to act on it. You retain full autonomy.

What broker should I use to follow signals?

1000pip Builder recommends brokers like FXChoice, Pepperstone, and Forex.com but any true ECN broker with tight spreads should be suitable.

Can I take partial positions instead of full signal size?

Absolutely. You can take whatever portion of signal trades fit your risk tolerance by adjusting position sizing up or down.

Is there a trade copier or must I enter manually?

Currently signals require manual entry. As mentioned on the site, Bob avoids trade copiers due to risks of system failures triggering unwanted orders.

What currencies are focused on the most?

As a Yen specialist, Bob trades a lot of USD/JPY and EUR/JPY in addition to other majors. Pairs traded depend on opportunities.

What is the customer service like?

Support provided is excellent. You can email Bob directly and he answers thoughtfully. Much better than the canned bot responses from competitors.

Hopefully these answers cover some of the most common questions those new to 1000pip Builder may have regarding the service and signals. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any additional questions.

Security and Trust: How Your Data Is Handled

Maintaining the privacy and security of client data is a top priority for 1000pip Builder. Here are some of their key policies:

  • Secure payment – All transactions handled through trusted PCI compliant payment gateways. This protects member’s billing details and personal information.
  • Data encryption – Account details, personal info, and any sensitive data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. This prevents any unauthorized access.
  • No spam policy – Email addresses are only used for delivering service-related correspondence. They are never sold or used for spam or marketing purposes. Members can unsubscribe easily at any time.
  • Legal compliance – 1000pip Builder maintains rigorous compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations in jurisdictions they operate.

Based on these security practices and policies, members can feel confident 1000pip Builder takes the handling of personal data seriously. They utilize industry best practices to keep sensitive information private and safe.

The Flexibility of Trading Sessions Across Time Zones

An advantage of 1000pip Builder is the flexibility it provides members in different time zones.

Signals are sent across the major trading sessions such as:

  • Asian session (11pm – 8am EST)
  • London session (3am – 12pm EST)
  • New York session (8am – 5pm EST)

This wide coverage across time zones ensures members worldwide get a healthy mix of trades to choose from no matter their own trading hours.

The 24 hour nature of forex markets combined with email and Telegram alerts lets members receive and act on signals conveniently even if they live outside the UK. Whether you trade part-time or full-time, 1000pip Builder can accommodate varied schedules and time commitments.

Who Is Bob James? The Expert Behind 1000pip Builder

1000pip Builder Review - Bob James - The Creator

Bob James is the lead trader and founder of 1000pip Builder. He has over 10 years of experience trading forex professionally for top financial institutions in London.

Bob specialized in trading the Japanese Yen pairs like USDJPY and EURJPY, but also trades other major currency pairs like EURUSD and USDCAD. He is proficient in technical and fundamental analysis using indicators like support/resistance, trend lines, chart patterns, news events, and market sentiment.

After gaining extensive trading experience at hedge funds and investment banks, Bob wanted to share his knowledge with regular retail traders. This led him to found 1000pip Builder and offer a trade signal service.

As the lead trader, Bob is actively involved in analyzing charts, identifying trading opportunities, and generating buy/sell signals. Members can be assured they are learning from a true expert trader with real market experience.

Final Thoughts: Is 1000pip Builder Right for You?

In closing, let’s recap who can benefit most from 1000pip Builder:

  • Beginners – Those struggling with their own analysis can leverage the expertise of a pro trader early on to get better results and build confidence through signals.
  • Experts – Even seasoned traders can benefit from extra signaling power to complement their own strategies and boost performance.
  • Part-timers – Don’t have time to watch markets all day? The signal alerts allow trading any timeframe even for those with day jobs or busy schedules.
  • Return driven – The transparency of results on MyFXBook proves this service delivers consistent gains month after month for those focused on growing accounts.

With 10+ years of experience trading at elite firms, proven performance results, and pricing among the most affordable in the industry, it’s hard to find any major flaws in 1000pip Builder’s overall value proposition.

Final verdict: Yes, 1000pip Builder clears the bar in all aspects and is rightly considered one of the top forex signal services available today for traders of all skill levels. Just be sure to practice sound risk management when following trades.

How to Make the Best Use of This Review for Trading Decisions

I hope this comprehensive 4,500+ word review has provided a complete and unbiased perspective on 1000pip Builder. You now have all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Here are some parting tips:

  • Take advantage of any active promotions – This instantly unlocks extra savings on an already well-priced service.
  • Choose the annual plan – For maximum value, take advantage of the biggest bulk discount with annual billing.
  • Follow guidance from Bob – Carefully read all educational emails from Bob to accelerate your learning alongside the signals.
  • Manage your risk – Be modest with position sizing and diligent with stop losses on all trades. Never risk more than 1-2% per trade.
  • Start small if you’re a beginner – No need to deposit more than $500-$1000 initially. Grow your account as you gain experience.
  • Have realistic expectations – Consistency through discipline wins long-term. Don’t anticipate getting rich quick.

With the knowledge from this review, you can now sign up to start benefiting from 1000pip Builder’s signals with full confidence. Just stick to the risk guidelines and avoid greed – the profits will come with consistency.

I wish you the best of luck in your trading! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions.

1000pip Builder Review, 1000pip Builder Reviews

Affiliate Disclosure : The article is written for fully knowledgeable and informational purpose, final decision should be taken after consulting with financial experts. At times, we may earn commissions from purchases made through affiliate links, without any additional cost to you. Trading in Forex is more behavioral Control than technical, so trade cautiously and wisely.

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