The 2023 Steam Summer Sale has started, offering additional significant discounts on too many fantastic titles to list on top of some reductions on Steam Decks.

Recommended 12 excellent games, all of which cost around $5, has been selected by some methods. Because the ideal amount to spend during a Steam sale is $5.

No 1 Game :  Loop Hero - 67% off at $4.94: Do not hold me responsible for the hours consumed by this ingenious, hard-to-put-down roguelike.

The Messenger - 75% off at $4.99: The amazing 2D platformer that really put a spotlight on developer Sabotage, which is now working on one of our most-anticipated JRPGs.  

SteamWorld Dig 2 - 75% off at $4.99: My personal favorite SteamWorld game is a stylish dig-'em-up Metroidvania with a lovely steampunk cartoon look.

Gorogoa - 70% off at $4.49: One of the best and best-looking puzzle games of all time, simple as that.

– In Other Waters - 70% off at $4.49: This wild card short story challenges you to guide a biologist through an alien ocean using clever minimalist tools.

– For The King - 75% off at $4.99: Brush up on your turn-based tabletop tactics ahead of the hotly anticipated For The King 2.  

– American Truck Simulator - 75% off at $4.99: The truck sim so good that real trucking companies are using it to scout players because they say it makes them better truckers.

– Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - 84% off at $4.79: If you aren't excited for Dragon's Dogma 2, you must not have played the original open-world banger. Go fix that, pronto.

– Helldivers: Dive Harder Edition - 75% off at $4.99: This twin-stick shooter is also getting a surprise sequel this year, and its chaotic co-op has aged like fine wine.

– Devil Daggers - 50% off at $4.99: Devil Daggers is still the king of high score arena shooters in my mind, even after seven years.

– The Talos Principle - 85% off at $4.49: Before The Talos Principle 2 lands later this year, try to wrap your head around this timeless philosophical first-person puzzler.

– Terraria - 50% off at $4.99: The arguable king of Steam sales and hours-per-dollar, Terraria is still one of the best sandbox games you can play, now with *checks notes* its sixth final update in three years.  More updates coming soon