Earlier it was told that Upcoming Starfield game will be available  on disc and the starfield fans will be able to play by Disc also.

, A tweet from Bethesda customer support aired that no disc will be available for Starfield game.

Later the tweet was deleted , but the information already been spread, due to which many unhappy fans cancelled the pre order.

Another unhappy fan told that  the main reason he is  buying the game is only for the physical copy,

At the time of writing, Bethesda has yet to confirm either way, and the support account that posted the news has yet to comment on why the tweet was deleted. 

And this time you will be able to play as third person or first person as per ypur wish. Even you can explore the galaxy as per your wish

You can visit the moon orbiting the planet , you can explore 100 of possibilities and many more in this upcoming game.

Vosco can even tell your name , who can protect you ship and companion too , so lots of interesting event is going to happen over the game. It may even get little delay in release also, so see next with new update.