Because Elden Ring is a challenging game, the Tarnished require some defence.Here is the best  armour that work best in the early game?

Players can choose from a huge variety of armour combinations, weapons, and skill in Elden Ring.

 These armour components can be discovered in chests or as mob drop items all around the Lands Between.

Even at the start of the game, players have a multitude of options on how to get better a rmour in Elden Ring.Elden Ring players should get certain armour pieces as soom as possible.

Elden Ring players should aim to get as quickly as possible for an easier early game, some of which can be earned easier than others.

This list does not include starter gear Elden Ring players can get by choosing different classes, like the Raging Wolf set.

the armor sets below are some of the best early armors Elden Ring players can find, no matter their initial choice of class.

There are hundreds of different armor sets, weapons, and skills. Some of them are  Twinned Knight Set Kaiden Set Knight Set Scaled Armor Set Vulgar Militia Set Lionel's Armor Set Godrick Soldier Set Banished Knight Set Royal Remains Set Carian Knight Set

Elden Ring is available on Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, and PC. More updates coming soon